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I’m Zoe, a stay at home mum of one adorable boy. I’m a former media manager/soldier/waitress/nurse turned full time entrepreneur and blogger.


I am passionate about financial literacy and personal finance, travel, education, sustainability and alternative lifestyles.


While you probably wouldn’t know it by looking at me, I’m an incredibly crunchy mama. We’ve practiced attachment parenting since birth and we’re proudly bedsharing and breastfeeding well past 2 years. I can and will preach about the benefits of cloth nappies and baby-led weaning!


But you’re probably here because today I am committing to retiring my partner from his military job in the next 24 months.


I will share with you, every step of the way how to make money from blogging and eCommerce, including step by step how I make this work.


I’ve dreamed about being location independent since before it was a ‘thing’. My first travels were as a child, as we emigrated from England to Australia, stopping by various countries around the world on the way. By the time I was 19 I’d done multiple round the world trips and eventually, the time came and started traveling solo.


My goal is to be location independent and financially free

Location independence is typically defined as the freedom to work and live from wherever you want.


This lifestyle is born out of a desire to be an architect of your own destiny and to have the ability to live life on your terms.


But for me and my family, we just want the freedomĀ  to travel, to travel well, to travel often.


I still believe that we need a ‘home base’, and we’re in the process of refining where we want that to be. Luckily, my family has dual EU/Australian citizenship so we have a wealth of beautiful places to choose from. I don’t feel the need to travel “full time” whatever that means.


I like the comforts of home and knowing I have a place to return to.


Beyond travel, we want the freedom in our home lives to spend more time with our son and to be engaged in his education as home educating parents.


And besides, working for a living gets old, don’t you think?


For our living situation, we will need around 45,000USD to be able to safely take my partner out of work.


What you will find on this blog


My process is simple. Reduce cost of living >> Increase income>> Buy assets>>Rinse and repeat.


And I’ll be writing about each and every step, challenge and success along the way.


I hope you join me as I hustle my dreams into reality!

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