Low Content Books: How To Make $4000+ With Low Content Books

Have you heard about low content books?

One of the things that is commonly talked about with generating an income online, particularly a passive income, is having multiple streams of income. Low content books are a great way to diversify your income. Or even provide your entire income!

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The more income streams you have, the more reliable your income will be. Ie, if one of your income streams falls, you will still have income from other sources.

If you want to create an extra income source for your family, low content books are an easy way to start.

I started low content books at about the same time as I was starting this blog.

I wanted something that I could do quickly, in my very limited spare time. As a stay at home mum, I’m lucky to get 20 minutes here and there and the occasional hour or so to work on my business.

With low content books, I’m creating an ongoing income for my family.

It also turns out that Low Content Books are a great creative outlet. You can create whatever you want, and put it to market and see what sticks. There are zero set up fees and zero listing fees.

Seriously, this is why low content books are great

  • There is a low barrier to entry
  • Your asset remains available (ie, for sale) until you remove it
  • You don’t need to do SEO or advertising (unless you want to)
  • It’s super beginner-friendly
  • It’s FREE to start

Are low content books really FREE to create?

Yes, it’s free to upload books to Amazon, and if you don’t have any design software on your computer, you can use programs like Canva and Picmonkey to create your cover images.

I like creating my covers in Microsoft office powerpoint! It’s so easy.

You could make $4000+ per month with low content books!

Your possibilities are endless with low content books. You decide how much time you want to put in and how much you want to make.

Once you have laid the foundations you could make as much as you want. As your little ones grow, you can keep adding books to your account.

Some people are making more than $4000 each month just with low content books!

  • Check out Rob Cubbon, he is making well over six figures with his Low Content Book empire.
  • Amy Harrop is making between $10,000 and $20,000 each month with Low Content Books. 
  • Rachel Harrison-Sund is also earning over $10,000 each month with Low Content Books.

This is a fantastic source of income for anyone who is introverted and doesn’t want to spend the time creating social media and advertising around their product.

With low content books, you can create an ongoing, low effort income for your family.

What you should know about low content books

What is the difference between low content and no content books?

Low content books have minimal content. For example, a coloring book or weekly planner. A low content book can be just about anything

  • Bullet Journal
  • Guided Meditation Journal
  • Habit Tracker
  • Notebooks
  • Handwriting Practice Books
  • And so on!

A no content book is then a blank book with a cover. Even the cover could be (almost) blank. Unfortunately, KDP rules state that the title of the book must be on the cover somewhere. Think of a sketchbook or lined journal.

How to Create Low Content Books

I started designing and uploading low content books in mid-August, 2019. Creating the book covers takes barely any time, but creating the interiors and uploading is time-consuming.

The most time-consuming parts are creating the interiors and uploading, which I’m now doing 5 books at a time when I get a spare moment.

You simply take the file from tangent and upload it into KDP, along with your cover file and wham bam – it’s done. No fiddling around with getting the lines even or struggling with bleed and gutters.

First steps…

The first step of doing anything with the intent of making money online is always niche and market research.

I use keysearch.co for keyword research, both here on the blog and for other online endeavors, to find niches where I might be able to rank high in search engines and to see how many people are searching for a specific keyword each month.

Finding free (and cheap) images for low content books

One of the danger areas with creating online books is making sure that everything you do is 100% legal and that you have the appropriate copyright permissions.

If you don’t do this, amazon could shut down your account and you could not only lose all of your hard work, but all of the income associated with it.

To find royalty-free or commercial license images, I use 


Creativemarket is cool for finding beautiful and unique images that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. Many of the products are broken down into different filetypes, so if you’re handy with photoshop or illustrator, you can move the elements around to create unique covers.

Another benefit of Creativemarket is that their licenses are EASY to navigate, and you generally don’t have to give credit to the artist, which keeps your books nice and tidy.



This site has a cool and cheap setup, it’s significantly cheaper than Creativemarket. You pay every month for unlimited downloads, all with a commercial license. So essentially you get a month worth of downloads for the same price as 1 or 2 downloads on Creativemarket. The drawback is that I find the images aren’t the quality that I find with Creativemarket. But, I still use both because I think it’s a great deal and a good way to find elements that you can make into a unique cover image.

How to make interiors for low content books

The first few interiors I laid out myself using Microsoft powerpoint, but I quickly found that to be way too time-consuming.

Time that would be better spent on niche research!

So I’m going to be using a template generator from the team at Tangent Templates.

I’m also planning to do some blank notes journals to make up the 100.

Get started!

There is nothing stopping you from starting with low content books.

Have you created any low content books? Are you thinking about adding them as one of your multiple streams of income? Let me know in the comments

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