Tools & Resources


Your host is essentially where all of your website files are saved on the internet. There are lots of cheapo options out there.
Here I’ve given you two options: Bluehost and WPX. I started all of my sites on either bluehost or namecheap, but eventually you will need to upgrade.

I will put a disclaimer here and say the ONLY reason I recommend Bluehost is if you are tech savvy AND very tight on funds, and you don’t care about site speed because you’re just getting started. Otherwise, you will need WPX. In fact, just go with WPX.

I use WPX for all of my websites. They are affordable and fast. In fact, they include free speed optimization for every site hosted with them. They also offer full service, so they can install wordpress, they will install a free SSL and they have actually recovered my sites after various issues!

I start my sites on Bluehost usually, unless I have spare spots on my WPX account. It’s cheap and gets the job done. Like anything, you get what you pay for. So if you are just testing the waters… It’s the low cost way to get your site started. I want to be really clear here that if you are serious about creating an income online, WPX is a better option.


Is fiddling around with a theme taking up more than 5 minutes of your time? It’s time to make a choice. For me, that is GeneratePress. It’s the fastest theme out, has a great unlimited site deal and is super easy to use.


The only tool I’ve ever used long term for keyword research is Keysearch. It’s well priced and has some excellent tools for finding keywords! Use code KSDISC for a 20% discount.


Fiverr can be a bit hit and miss but if you find the right person you can get excellent results. Look for multiple 5 star reviews and tread lightly. I use fiverr for site speed optimization across all of my sites, and often a gig will include WProcket and other apps installed for free!

WP Rocket is an excellent app for bringing up the speed of your site. If you are tech savvy and don’t want to use a gig on fiverr, you can just buy the app yourself!