September 2019 Monthly Blogging Goals Post

Hi and welcome to my first every monthly blogging goals post!

I’m making my monthly blogging goals public, so that you can get an understanding of the steps that I am taking to create a 6 figure income online, while also being a full time stay at home mother.

I’ll talk a little about what happened over the past month and what I’m planning to do in the next month, as well as over the next few months.

Goals from last month

I only just started this blog. It was just an idea a month ago! So this month was all about taking action to get started.

I’ve been using the internet since my teens (we’re talking last century, folks), and I know my way around. Still, I discovered that things are changing quickly, so I decided to invest in a couple of courses to speed up my learning and to give me some accountability.

Investing in yourself is incredibly important.

It is a big mindset shift from doing everything on the cheap, to deciding that this is something that I believe in, and I want to invest in. And really, what should you believe in more than yourself?

I’ve always had a concern, a mindset challenge, shall we say, about not getting my money’s worth when it comes to courses.

But it’s like this.

Yesterday in my area, a new takeaway shop opened. They were giving away free burritos for 8 hours. Those burritos are valued at all of say, $8. People were queued for HOURS.

At one stage, there would have been close to 500 people in that queue. They probably waited for their entire lunch break for an $8 discount.

Is that worth it?

Absolutely not.

Wasting your time for something that is cheap or free is not a good use of your time. This is one of the biggest mindset shifts that you need to make if you want to succeed in anything.

I’d rather spend the $8, and save the hours of waiting and have my burrito today instead, plus have extra time.

So how is this relevant to your blog?

Well, you could spend hours searching for the right information. Then spend more time falling into a rabbit hole getting the detailed information plus making your own step by step plan.

Or, you could pay $80-100 and get it laid out for you, in detail. With an action plan.

It makes economic sense to start there. Of course, if you literally have ZERO dollars there is nothing wrong with the free option, just know that it is going to take longer to find and implement the information.

So last month, I got my KDP account up and running. I also have Amazon Merch and Etsy ready to go, for when I get time to create some products.

As a mama to a sweet little boy, I really am time poor. I prioritize ruthlessly to make sure that he gets the best and most of my time. Then the business gets some attention, and finally the housework.

I am working my way through.

Making sense of affiliate marketing

Carly Campbell’s course

$9 Pinterest course

Lena Gott’s course.

I wrote a few posts on the blog

About me!

How to live on one income and still save money

How stay at home moms can make $4k per month from home

And I read and listened to some books

  • Chillpreneur (on Audible)

I really enjoyed this one! Denise Duffield-Thomas is such an excellent mindset coach. There have been lots of a-ha moments while listening to this. I’ll write a more detailed review soon!

  • 10% happier (on Kindle)

This is one of the most readable memoir-style books that I’ve read. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Dan Harris talks about his experience as a high flying TV host and the mental health issues that went along with it, and how meditation and buddhism changed his life. I loved it, and It’s piqued my interest in buddhism.

  • Rich People Problems

Ah, the china rich series. They’re so funny. There’s not much to say here except I really enjoyed the series. It’s like people watching but in a book, and with the kind of people that are rare to see in a provincial australian city.

Monthly blogging goals for October

I like to keep my focus to three things as it’s so much easier to manage and much more likely to be actioned. Too many goals and once and nothing gets the attention it needs.

Blogging Goals

  • Posts

Writing is actually the hardest part for me! I’m hoping that as I write more it gets easier. This month I am aiming to write at least 2 blog posts per week.

  • Pinterest

I need to set up Pinterest and create 4 pins for each post. I’ll create 4 pins each time for split testing.

  1. KDP

In an ideal world I would do 10 books per day (300) but, first things first. I think it’s more important to take small steps than no steps. For this month I want to create 50 new, keyword researched books.

You’ll notice that I’m not focusing on traffic yet, this is because I actually want the blog to be more built out (with 10-20 posts) first.

Like I said earlier, I am time poor, so I need to prioritise which is more important. At the moment, content is more important.

Health goals

Last month I was struggling with really bad brain fog. At first I put it down to baby brain (20 months postpartum).  However, I think the term baby brain is just a way to excuse legitimate issues.

I did some research into brain fog and realized that my diet needed a shakeup. I cute out inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. And I’ve added LOTS of omega-3 rich foods. The difference is amazing! This month I’m going to continue with the anti-inflammatory diet, plus I’m going to get out for a longish walk 3 times per week.

Family goals

It’s spring this month! I want to spend more time outside with my kiddo, including going to the zoo each week (we have a membership). Don’t worry, the zoo here is a conservation zoo and they are heavily invested in breeding programs for endangered species.

I also want to see my father in law this month, to strengthen his relationship with my son.

On a somewhat related note, our savings is going well. This month I am going to invest in another parcel of shares to bump up our portfolio! Exciting, right?

To sum up…

Goal setting is integral to goal achievement.

I hope that by reading this, you are inspired to set some goals and take action towards them.

Even as mums of little ones, we need to take the time to focus on what we want as individuals. It’s better for you, and it’s better for your kids.

I could set so many goals. I truly do have so many aspirations. But I really like to keep it small, step by step.

What it be interesting to you if I did a 5-year goals post?

Enough about me though. What are your goals for this month?

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